Umbria is a region in central Italy and borders with Tuscany to the west, the Marche to the east and Lazio to the south. The region is mostly hill or mountainous and is dominated by the Apennine Mountains in the east, where the highest point in the region include Monte Vettore borders on Marche (2476 m), and the Tiber Valley to the west, where the lowest point of the region lies at Attigliano (96 m).

Provinser i UmbriaUmbria is divided into 2 provinces:


The 2 provinces contains 92 municipalities.

Domkirken i Orvieto, Umbria

The region is named after the trunk Umbria, who settled in the area of 500 century BC .. 672 BC. host in consequence legend regarded as the year when Terni was founded. Umbria Rane spoke Umbrian, as related in Latin and oskisk language.
In early Italian history stretched Umbria probably beyond most parts of central and northern Italy and archaeological findings suggest that umbria rob founding cultures Terramara and Villanova at the beginning of the Bronze Age and replaced the original Ligurian the population from northeast. From the time they came to the area and the direction they got was umbria rob probably related to achaiarar, which was the re-agar to the Greeks.
Etruskarane was the main enemy of Umbria and the invasion from south to north and east (from about 700 to 500 BC.) And drifted gradually umbria rob the Apennine and captured 300 Umbrian towns. Yet it does not appear that any Umbrian people disappeared from the conquered areas.

Torget i Assisi, Umbria

After etruskarane disappeared tried umbria rob helping samnittane in the decisive battle ended against the Romans (308 BC.) . This meant that the Romans built a fortress at Narni (298 BC.) , Which led to communication problems between the two nations . In the great battle of Sentinum (295 BC.) Did not help umbria rob samnittane at all all.
The Roman victory at Sentinum led to the area gradually came under Roman rulers , who established some colonies ( eg Spoletium ) and command via Flaminia (220 BC.) , Which went through the area . During the Second Punic War and Hannibal ‘s invasjo was the Battle of Trasimene fought here , but umbria rob refused to accept help from him .

During the Roman civil war between Mark Antony and Octavian ( 40 BC.) Chose Perugia first tribunal ‘s side and was therefore almost entirely made ​​of gravel of Octavian .
The modern region of Umbria is a completely different region of Italy than the region with the same name in Roman times (see Roman Umbria ) , which stretched into what is today northern region of Marche to Ravenna , but without areas on the west bank of the Tiber and thus nor Perugia – which was in Etruria – and the area around Norcia, which was Sabine .
After the Roman Empire ‘s fall austgotarar and austromarar fought for power in the region. Lombardarane founded the duchy Spoleto , covering large parts of what today is Umbria, and ruled here from 571 to 1200s . When Charlemagne conquered most of the Lombard kingdom in Italy, were some of the Umbrian areas donated to the Pope , who took control of the area. Some towns had a kind of autonomy and were often at war with each other as a result of the more general conflict between the Papal States and the German -Roman Empire, and between Welf and ghibellinarar .
In the 1300s occurred lord examples Signori who all gradually became subject to the Papal States , which ruled the area until the late 1700s. After the French Revolution and the conquest of Italy Umbria became part of the short-lived Roman Republic (1789-1799) and of the First French Empire ( 1809-1814 ) . In 1860 , after the Risorgimento and Piedmont say expansion , Umbria became part of the Kingdom of Italy.
The limits Umbria today was established in 1927 , when the province of Terni was established and Rieti Province was divided and incorporated in Lazio.

Byer i UmbriaThe largest cities of Umbria:
(Province capitals in bold)

Perugia, Terni, Foligno, Città di Castello, Spoleto, Gubbio, Assisi, Bastia Umbra, Orvieto, Corciano, Narni, Marsciano, Todi, Umbertide, Gualdo Tadino, Castiglione del Lago, Magione, Amelia, San Giustino, Deruta, Spello, Trevi, Città della Pieve, Torgiano, Gualdo Cattaneo, Nocera Umbra, Panicale, Montefalco, Passignano sul Trasimeno, Montecastrilli, Acquasparta, Bevagna, Stroncone, Norcia, San Gemini, Bettona, Cannara, Massa Martana, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Piegaro

Source: Wikipedia
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