Piedmont ( Italian for ” at the foot of the mountain “, Piedmontese and Occitan: Piemont ; French: Piémont, also called Piedmont in some languages) is one of the twenty regions of Italy. He has an area of ​​25,399 square kilometers and has about 4.4 million inhabitants.

Valle d’ Aosta in northwest hear both historically and geographically to Piedmont, but constitutes an autonomous region. In the north it borders Piedmont to Switzerland, in the west of France, in the south to Liguria, in the south of Emilia – Romagna and Lombardy in the north.

Three different geographical area dominates Piedmont :
The Alpine region of the Alps make up the western and northern areas of the region. Here is a The Occitan valleys ( Valle Stura, Valle Maira, Maraita Valle, Valle del Po, Valle del Chisone, Val Pellice, Valle di Susa, Valle d’ Aosta ) and areas around the west side of Lake Maggiore. The highest mountain in the region include Mont Blanc, way up in the Aosta Valley, but in themselves Piedmont region is the highest mountain peaks of Monte Rosa ( 4634 m. ), Gran Paradiso ( 4,061 m. ) And Viso ( 3841 m ). The highest mountain pass in the Alps, the Col de Ziel, also situated here.

On Posletta find one the largest cities in Piedmont, where bur also the majority population. The vast Posletta, which is covered with water in the rice fields around Vercelli and Novara, shimmers to the west and goes over to the majestic mountains of the Alps. Turin located at the edge of Posletta, overlooking the hills and the Alps that form the stunning natural backdrop to the town. Tarry 16 million people living around Posletta and is the most cultivated area and make Vercelli to the center of rice cultivation in Europe. Italy cultivating massive amounts of rice, not far from Turin and the Piedmont region.

Høgdedraga southeastern region ( Monferrato, Langhe, Roero ) is utilized in agriculture and part tourism. Here you will find the famous vinane in Piedmont, Barolo, Barbera and Barbaresco ).

The area has been inhabited since the end of the Neolithic. After the retreat in the Alps came the Celtic – Ligurian groups taurinarar and salas tankers to the area. They were gradually pushed away by the Romans who founded the colonies as Augusta Taurinorum (now Turin ) and Eporedia ( Ivrea ).
Kingdom of Sardinia in 1839 : Mainland Piedmont with Savoy at the top left ( pink ) and Nizza ( Nice) lower left ( brown). Both are no French. Sardinia is recessed upper right-hand.

Piedmont say independent story begins when the Romans retreated after the Roman Empire fall apart. Migration Period traveled a number of nations throughout the area. For a long time much of it a little Lombard principality, a worm wholes centered on Turin. In 1046 the House of Savoy could incorporate Margraviate of Piedmont to their area, which until then was the limited Savoie, with the capital of Chambéry ( now in France). Savoieherskerne was made ​​the Duke in 1416, and Duke Emanuele Filiberto moved his residence to Turin in 1563.

Piedmont was conquered several times by alternately France and the Habsburg rulers. In 1718 he Savoyard rulers to unite the Piedmont and Sardinia and received royal office two years later that grace the action of the German- Roman Emperor in Vienna. Republic of Alba was established in 1796 as a French vassal state in Piedmont before the area was annexed by France in 1801. From 1814 the area again under Austro Control, who made it his own vassal. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815 received Piedmont Sardinia attributed Republic of Genoa to strengthen him as the prime barrier against France. This kingdom, with the capital of Turin, was called Kingdom of Sardinia ( see map ).
Kingdom of Sardinia was the springboard for the unification of Italy in 1859-1861, after two unsuccessful wars against Austria in 1820-1821 and 1848-1849.

In 1969 it was bloody worker revolt in Turin, which led to the establishment of terrorist organization The red brigade. Piedmont has since establishment in 1992 also helped høgborg party Lega Nord who works for Northern Italian independence.

Source: Wikipedia
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